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Used Car Tip - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Used Car Tip

Very many people prefer used cars especially if it’s the first time they are buying cars. When you find yourself at a used car lot, it might seem like a very difficult task to choose a car especially if you don’t find the car you were hoping for. Many people don’t believe that they can find a good car in the car lot but this is a myth that you should quickly erase from your mind. Used cars are often as good as advertised but nonetheless you should have a way to determine whether a used car is worth your time.

Every part of a used car could be in bad condition but the engine evokes the most fear from buyers. This is because it is one of the most expensive parts to fix and the car simply can’t do without an engine. If it is just a cosmetic problem, you can easily fix that for a little money. Engines however determine how many years of use you will get from the car so it is vital for you to determine if a car’s engine is healthy before you buy it.

Before you go popping the hood, you should inspect the car’s history. You must look at the history of the car no matter how new it might appear. The car could have been submerged in a flood before and might be rotting from the inside out. Cars that have been dried up and resold after getting damaged in a flood are nowhere near the value that they are sold for. You need to learn how to study a car’s VIN history report.

After you are sure that the car has never suffered severe damage from floods and serious accidents, you can now pop the hood. Look for obvious signs of oil leakage. You can look under the car to see if you will see any oil on the ground. If there is any indication that the car has an oil leak, don’t go for whichever explanation you will get from the salesperson. Instead you should look for an alternative car. You should also inspect the service record to make sure that the car got timely maintenance from its previous owner. Some cars, especially those with turbocharged engines, require oil changes on a regular basis.

You can check the oil by yourself if you are not satisfied by the maintenance record. Just turn on the engine and let it idle for five minutes at neutral gear and with the parking brake on. Open the hood and look for the engine oil dipstick which should have a yellow top part. Pull it out and wipe it clean then dip it all the way in. For a diesel car, the oil should be almost black if it has not had a recent oil change. Gasoline cars should have reddish engine oil but if it is too dark, the car has not been serviced in a while. An oil change will fix this but you will get an idea about the cars that have had a good oil change history.