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Tips on Picking out Tires - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Tips on Picking out Tires


When the time to change tires comes, you might be confused about where to begin. Fortunately there are many sources of information that can go a long way in helping you to pick tires. We shall look at some of the things you should know when picking tires whether you buy them on the Internet or at a brick and mortar store.

The first consideration that you have to make is whether the tires are the right size for your vehicle. You should therefore do all tire shopping with the make and model of your car in mind. Online tire stores often have a place where you can select the kind of vehicle you have when filtering results. At physical stores, you can get more personalized assistance from salespeople who can guide you to the right tires for your car. Many people often need assistance in determining the size of tires their cars use. Of course some know the size of tires their cars used. This size can be found in owners’ manuals as well as checking the writings on the tires.

If your car has been modified to use different sizes of tires than it should, you should use the tires that you currently use as a yardstick when buying new tires. Apart from size, the other important factor is the brand. Most tire brands produce almost all sizes of tires so you should decide which brand you want to use on your tire. If you prefer a specific brand of tires, you should look for them in stores that carry the brand.

If you are not too keen about getting a specific brand, you should consider the properties that you want for the tires. Tires are usually produced with certain features in mind. For instance, some tires are made specifically for high performance cars and are designed for racing. These tires have very good grip on the pavement but might lack when it comes to rough roads. Other tires are designed to do well in snow hence they should be bought when you are preparing for winter. Other tires are made for off-roading and these are great for gravel roads. Some tires are made for all terrains and have good performance on- or off-road. You should therefore decide what you want the tires to be able to do.

When you are buying tires you should know that tires will greatly impact your driving experience and they may also influence the car’s fuel efficiency and car upkeep cost. For instance, when you buy tires designed for use on tarmac and use them a lot off-roading, they will last for a very short time and it will be difficult to control the car. Off-road tires are usually good regardless of the terrain and snow tires are heavy and might make the vehicle to use more fuel. They also wear out quickly in hot weather and on unpaved roads. Finally you should consider the price of tires. Some tires might possess similar features but with some variations so you should consider if the difference is worth a higher price for some tires.