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Tips on Changing Your Brakes - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Tips on Changing Your Brakes

Before you head to the repair shop to change your brakes, you should know how to identify the signs that your brakes need to be changed. There are several signs that might indicate that the brakes need changing. For instance, the brake pedal might start pulsating when you step on it. This indicates that the brake pads are worn down and have warped as a result of heat. Re-machining the pads might fix this but they often need to be changed.

You should also know that it’s time to change brakes if a clicking noise can be heard when you step on the brakes. Brake pads often have a feature that prevents them from rattling but when they are worn down, they eventually start to make noises. Rattling not only means that brake pads are worn down, it could also mean that they have warped or broken. Either way, you should check the brakes when you hear noise every time you brake.

A squeaking sound is one of the most obvious signs that you need new brakes. All brake pads are designed to make a squeaking sound when they don’t make good contact with the brake rotors. This indicates that they are not effective at stopping the vehicle and it is usually as a result of excessive wear or heat damage. If you fail to replace the brakes soon after they start squeaking, you bear the risk of damaging the brake rotors.

Sometimes you might need to change the brakes anyway even if the above signs are not evident. Many people wonder whether there is a magic number for mileage when dealing with changing brakes. There is no specific distance that you should travel before changing them because people have varying driving styles. Aggressive drivers need to change brakes more often. Quality of the brakes is also a factor that affects how long they last.

Brake pads are more durable than they have ever been but they wear out every time they are used. The size of a vehicle affects how fast the brakes wear out. However, apart from brakes pads, there are several parts of brakes that need attention. For instance, brake rotors need to be replaced sometimes but these rarely need replacement because they can last for many years. Mechanics at repair shops usually resurface brake rotors in order to prevent pulsating due to uneven wear on the rotors. There is a minimum thickness allowed for brake rotors so if a mechanic cannot resurface the rotors without going below the minimum thickness, the rotors need to be replaced.

Another part that needs attention is the calipers. These also don’t need to be replaced unless the car has been used for many years. Calipers need to be replaced when the inner and outer brake pads wear unevenly. This means that the calipers might be sticking on one side. Lubrication often works to fix the problem but sometimes they stick due to excessive rusting. In this case they have to be replaced completely. Cars with rear drum brakes also need inspection for cracks in the brakes and uneven spots.