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New Car Tips - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

New Car Tips

New cars are being built with better quality materials and they have a much longer lifespan than previous generation cars. The Japanese have been known to make very reliable and long-lasting cars but technology has enabled car manufacturers in Europe and America to make cars that lust just as long. Virtually any car can live well beyond the 150,000-mile mark as long as it receives good care from the time it is bought.

The first thing to make sure that your car lasts longer is to buy a good car. Japanese cars are still the most reliable but you should not dismiss American cars as they are getting better. It is also less costly to maintain an American car because the parts are easily available and usually more affordable. The most expensive cars to fix are European cars.

Every car has a maintenance schedule set out by the manufacturer. You should follow it diligently if you want the car to serve you for years. The owner’s manual should also give you an idea about how to maintain the car because some components are replaced according to how long they have been used and not according to mileage. The timing belt is an important part to keep track of and it should be replaced between 60,000 and 90,000 miles of use. This is nothing alarming for a new car owner but it should be remembered because the timing belt can do lots of damage when it breaks.

You should have some funds stashed away for emergency repairs. No matter how well you keep your car, it might break down at some point. Sometimes when a car breaks down, the owner is slapped with a huge repair bill which might affect his finances. Make sure that you put money away in an interest-bearing account to cater for unforeseen repairs.

You should also research about your new car. Almost every car has some problems that start to show up after a certain period of use or in specified circumstances. You should not be caught by surprise if the problem has faced another person who owns a car similar to yours. Information about known problems can help you to be prepared and might be great if you want to take a proactive approach.

Whether a car is new or old, you should always be on the lookout for strange occurrences. Sometimes there might be a strange noise or smell coming from a certain part of the car. Do not dismiss it but follow up to find out what caused the car to behave that way.

Once in a while, you should give a friend the car to drive. Some problems develop too gradually that you cannot be able to recognize them even when they reach extreme levels. These problems will most probably be immediately identified by another person. If you are driven around, you might also have time to identify problems that you did not notice when preoccupied with driving. For a new car to last long, you should fix everything the moment it breaks, prevent rust at all costs, and change your driving style to prolong the car’s life.