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How to Figure Out Your Car's MPG (Miles per Gallon) - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

How to Figure Out Your Car’s MPG (Miles per Gallon)









If you know how to do basic mathematics, then figuring out your MPG is going to be a breeze. Just a couple of easy steps to follow:

Step 1

Next time you go to the gas station and fill up your car with gas, reset your odometer to zero.

Step 2

Don’t to anything different, than when you normally drive.

Step 3

The next time you go to the gas station, write down how many miles you drove since the last time you filled up.

Step 4

Fill up your car and write down how many gallons of gas your car took.

Step 5

To find out your car’s MPG, divide the miles you drove by the number of gallons of gas you used. Using this method, I divide the miles I drove by the gallons of gas I used,

(320 miles x 16 gallons) to get my gas mileage, (20 mpg).


Maybe, it’s time for a more fuel efficient car?


It’s a pretty simple formula to learn,  once you do it a few times. So give it a try and find out how many miles per gallon your car gets?


You just might trade it in for a hybrid.


Happy Motoring…