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DIY Scratch Repair - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Scratch Repair

No matter what you do to protect your car from a scratch caused by a key scratching maniac, an out-of-control shopping cart or whichever other circumstance, it will eventually happen. What matters is how prepared you are to deal with scratches before they give your car an old and neglected appearance. If you ignore scratches, they will eventually begin to affect your car’s appearance by making blemishes on the paint harder to ignore.

When you finally get tired of those scratches and take the car to a body shop, it might cost you between $300 and $1,000 depending on the extent of damage the scratch has caused to your paint. Body shops charge a lot for scratches because they typically prefer to repaint the panel affected by the scratch. The cost of repairing a scratch at a body shop might be prohibitive for some and this causes them to search for more affordable solutions.

The most affordable way to repair a scratch is to do it yourself. It sounds like a daunting task but it is not as difficult as people assume. To buy high quality paint for repairing scratches, you might need less than $15 and this paint will last long enough to repair many scratches. Apart from the paint, you may need to buy base coat, and clear coat. The total price of these items plus shipping might be less than $30. For deep scratches, you might have to buy additional products like primer.

You can use touch-up paint to repair scratches on a car. One method is to use a scratch repair pen. If the scratches on your car are small and shallow, an auto scratch repair pen is just what you need. This pen has a felt tip that releases a small amount of paint when depressed. To use this paint you have to be very accurate so a little practice might be in order to improve your dexterity.

You may also use a spray paint can to repair a scratch. When the scratch is larger than a scratch paint pen can handle, you should opt for an auto spray paint can. With a can of spray paint, you can quickly repair entire panels. Spray paint cans are more expensive than paint pens but they have significantly more paint and are much quicker.

You can also repair scratches with brush bottles which are better than paint pens since you can cover much more area in the same time. Brush bottles are bigger and can be used to repair many more scratches than paint pens. They are also very easy to use and don’t require you to have surgical precision when using them.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, you can also use a repainting kit. When you have determined the actual color code of your car, you can buy the necessary products that are used to repaint a car. The items include wax and grease removers, primers, clear coat, polishing compounds, thinners, wax and paint. These will enable you to fix deeper scratches and you can strip the car to its bare metal before painting it.