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DIY Maintenance Tricks - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Maintenance Tricks

Driving is something that all car owners have to do regardless of whether they do it to get to the grocery store or just for kicks. Some of the preparations you make in order to get into a new season with your best foot forward require a mechanic. You will be surprised to know just how many things you can change in your car with a proper DIY kit and sometimes with nothing at all. We shall look at some easy maintenance moves that anybody can do without having to go to a mechanic.

Check your spare tire

Almost every car on the road has at least one spare tire. However, many people have not used their spare tires for too long that they have spent months and sometimes years without checking the tires. A spare tire is very useful for that rainy day that you will find yourself stranded with no cell reception. Spare tires should be kept at the correct pressure and to do this you should invest in a handheld pressure gauge. The suspension mechanism of spares on trucks should be monitored to keep it in the best condition.

Check fluids

Most fluids in a car should be changed as the seasons change because they are designed to work under different conditions. The windshield washer fluid should be replaced when the weather gets cold with a solvent that does not easily freeze. The engine coolant should also be replenished regularly and antifreeze-coolant ratio should be altered as the weather changes. It is also a good idea to check the amount of brake fluid in the reservoir and top it off if it is below the recommended level. The level goes down as the brakes wear but a sudden decrease points to a leakage.

Change air filters

Air filters should be replaced two times per year. They cost between $12 and $60 per filter depending on the car and must be replaced because they have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of an engine. Dirty air filters can drastically cut an engine’s power output and reduce its fuel efficiency. The car will also produce more emissions and this gets worse the longer you fail to change an air filter. You do not need any tools to replace an air filter.

Check battery terminals

The battery terminals should be kept corrosion-free in order to guarantee unaffected current supply to the car. You can clean the terminals with a brass wire brush and baking soda diluted in water. After they are clean, coat them with grease after replacing the battery terminals. The battery level should also be checked. Each battery is marked with the minimum and maximum battery level. If the level is too low, you should top it off with distilled water.



Windshield wipers

Many people often forget to check and replace windshield wipers. They should be replaced once or twice every year depending on the climate and their quality. Windshield wipers can be replaced in less than five minutes but they could make a big difference on visibility in rainy weather. Old wiper blades might also damage windshield glass.