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Diy Car Projects - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Diy Car Projects

Diy Car Projects

Due to the tough economic times or simple curiosity, some people are getting bolder with the projects that they no longer want to leave to the professionals. Many people undertake DIY car projects to increase their car’s lives or to improve their functionality. There are several projects that can be handled by people who are not skilled in the fields of engineering. Below are some of DIY projects that you can manage alone.

Changing air filters. This is one of the easiest things to do in a car and it requires no special tools. The process will cost you only about $10 to buy a new air filter. The typical car requires an air filter every 12 months or after being driven for 12,000 miles. You can replace an air filter in less than 10 minutes. The air filter should be located under the hood in a rectangular box with metal clips. Simply open the box, replace the air filter and close the box and you are done.

Change windshield wipers. This is a process that takes a maximum of 15 minutes and could cost you between $10 and $20. Wiper blades should be changed every year and sometimes twice yearly depending on the climate. Windshield wipers vary a lot from one car model to another. After you buy new blades, you should lift the windshield wipers and study how they attach to the metal arms. Removing blades usually requires you to lift a tab on the bottom part of the wiper to release them.

Replace spark plugs. Just from the name of these parts you might think that the process is difficult but it is not. It takes about half an hour and you need a socket wrench and a 12-inch socket extension as well as a spark plug socket and the new spark plugs. Spark plugs are attached to thick rubbery wires so they shouldn’t be hard to find. There might be varying number of plugs depending on the number of cylinders your car has. You should detach the wire from the first spark plug and use the socket and extension to remove the plug. Install the new plug by hand and tighten it with the wrench but not too much. Reattach the wire and replace the other spark plugs in order.

Battery Maintenance: Batteries need to be kept corrosion free so you have to inspect them frequently. You will need wrenches, a brass wire brush, rugs, and corrosion removal fluid or dilute baking soda. Remove the battery terminals starting with the negative one. Clean the terminals with the brush and rinse them with water. After they dry, reattach the terminals (positive first) and coat them with grease to prevent corrosion.

Apart from these repairs, you can do most of the repairs that are done in a routine service after you have driven the car for 3,000 miles. The work that you have to do in a DIY project varies depending on the complexity of the part being serviced. Most of the times it is well worth the savings you will benefit from and it helps you to understand the car little by little.