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DIY Car Mods - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Car Mods

There are simply too many car modifications for a person to choose from so the best bet is to start with the most common ones and move to less common ones until the point where modifying the car makes no sense. Among the commonly modified parts of cars include: wheels and tires, suspensions, car stereos, tail lights, headlights, interior paint, grilles, and exhausts and many others. We shall cover brake caliper painting, HID conversion, and strut tower brace installation.

Brake caliper painting

The brake calipers are easily visible depending on the wheels that you use. They are usually very exposed and are among the first parts of a car to start corroding. There are three simple steps that you can use to fix a corrosion problem on brake calipers.

The first step is to buy heat-resistant engine paint and caliper spray paint. Secondly, it is recommended that you remove brake calipers completely before you start painting. They can also be painted while attached to the vehicle but you have to employ meticulous masking of the vehicle. To paint the calipers, remove the wheel, cover the vehicle by masking all areas that you don’t want to be painted, clean the surface and paint away.

Strut tower brace

Every uni-body vehicle has a strut tower which is a reinforced part containing the vehicles suspension system and it is located towards the inner side of the rear wheels. The load of the vehicle is transferred to the top of the strut tower and it is not fixed to the chassis. This makes tower bars to flex when the vehicle is cornering.

A strut tower brace is an aftermarket component designed to reduce flexing by firmly attaching strut towers together. This improves efficiency of transferring load from one strut tower to the other since the force is transmitted through the tower brace. When you have bought a suitable strut tower brace for your car, unscrew the bolts from the tower brace and mount it on the strut towers. If the bolts line up, it is suitable for your car. Replace the bolts and tighten them with a wrench.

HID conversion

The headlights in a car are very important when you are driving in the dark. Factory headlights might be too dim for you so you might choose to change them with HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulbs. A High Intensity Discharge bulb converts low voltage DC current to high voltage AC current and ionizes gas in the bulb to create a gaseous conductor of electricity. The gas heats up as it conducts current between the electrodes and as a result it starts to emit light. There are several color tones produced by bulbs and the color tone indicates the temperature the bulb is producing.

To install HID bulbs, open your hood and check if there is room behind the headlights. If there is room you don’t have to remove the entire headlamp. Use a meter to confirm if there is 12 volts at the bulb to prevent the new bulb from flickering. Disconnect the factory bulb if all is well with the voltage and connect the HID bulb to the ballast and then into factory bulb harness.