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You’ve seen the signs all over:  We Buy Junk Cars!  Cash Cash Cash!  The implication is that there is big money in handing over your old cars to junk dealers.  Well, there can be some money, but it’s not big, and you have to be careful with the junk car guy you’re dealing with.  Some of them are on the up-and-up and some are just out to get the metal from your junk car in any way they can.


If you can, talk to someone about which junk car dealer has the best reputation.  Asking your mechanic is a good idea; the mechanics know who pays top dollar and which service their garage has used before.  Every garage has a junk car dealer around somewhere and the guys at the garage don’t keep a tow guy around unless he actually does the job he’s being paid to do. 




Trying to sell a junk car can be a frustrating experience.  For one thing, there are so many junk cars out there….thousands, no, millions of cars that have outlived their usefulness and are sitting rusting, idle, taking up valuable real estate and being an eyesore you have to look at every day.


One day, after looking at that hunk of junk sitting in the yard for months, you finally have enough, and all you want to do is call someone and say, “Just come get this thing!” and let that be the end of it.


Well, you are in luck.  Fortunately, people dealing in old junk cars make up one of the top twenty small businesses in the United States, and there are local companies waiting to serve you.


Your local garage or mechanic should know the name of reputable junk car dealers in your area, since every garage needs to use a junk car dealer at one time or another.  Ask your garage manager which company he would recommend.


The junk car dealer will likely ask you for details about your car and make you an offer over the phone.  At the time you agree upon he will arrive with a tow truck and your cash.  Occasionally a less-than-honest dealer will attempt to talk you into giving over your car for nothing.  Stand up for yourself and don’t let him get away with that.  If he balks at giving you the agreed-upon price, send him on his way and contact another dealer.


After your car has been towed away, what happens to it?  There are several options.  Your car might end up being repaired and resold, and be back on the road before long.  But, for the most part, junk cars end up among the millions of old cars in junk car lots.  Whatever parts of the car that can be recycled or dismantled will be stripped off and resold; fluids recaptured and recycled; old tires shredded and turned into Astroturf or asphalt; the engine, condenser, battery and any other metal bits will be sold as scrap metal, and then the chassis and the rest of the car will be crushed down to a cube and sold to a steel mill to be made into new cars.


The environmentally friendly option is to have your old junk car removed and then recycled.  You won’t have to lift a finger except to dial the phone!



I had bought the Beige Beast from my ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, right before my transition from his current to his ex.  It was complicated.  She had just bought a racing green Volvo and her taupe Dodge Dart was sitting idle and so I bought it, in a fit of beggars-can’t-be-choosers.  I would’ve hated the Beige Beast if it had been a Ferrari, but it wasn’t; it was just a boring tan Dart that had seen better days.  So had I, and the two of us drove off into infamy.

DIY Scratch Repair

DIY Dent Removal

Dents on a car can be removed in many ways depending on their size, how they were caused, and their location on a body panel. It is not fun to drive around in a dented car and it is certainly not fun to spend a lot of money in a body shop. However, dents can be removed at home and in most cases you will spend much less money than you would at a body shop.

Unfortunately there are some dents that you simply cannot repair yourself no matter how much you try. The most common dents can be removed at home with a dent repair kit. Some dents can even be removed with a hair dryer and compressed air or dry ice. Let us begin with the hair dryer method. You must find out if the dented area can be mended using this method. It basically has to be on a metal surface that is flat and not close to any edges.

Auto Tune Up Tips

Every car should get a major service after roughly 30,000 miles of travel. This maintenance is very important to prevent major problems with the car in the long run. In a major service, all the components that are prone to wear and tear as a result of driving are replaced and this gives your car a new lease of life. Apart from major service, you should also undertake smaller tune-ups regularly. If you skip a routine tune-up, you put the car’s health in jeopardy as it will be running under less-than-ideal conditions until the next service. Missing tune-ups increases depreciation and has a detrimental effect on gas mileage.

Car Tips and Tricks

Modern cars require very little maintenance compared to cars from one or two generations ago. This has made some people to relax and neglect their cars to varying extents. Even though modern cars can last longer before forcing you to take them for servicing, they need to be taken for scheduled maintenance to extend their useful lives. Most car manufacturers take the liberty to create maintenance schedules for their cars and they are often found in the owner’s manual. These are the best schedules to follow because they are made with that particular vehicle in mind.

Car Repair Tips

Cars are very useful in our day to day lives and we should be aware of several basic repair tips especially if we have cars of our own. Cars eventually break down or start acting up and it is important for owners to know what to do about it before rushing them to a mechanic. When cars break down, many people panic and rush them to mechanics without thinking about whether the problem can be fixed without the intervention of a mechanic. This could save them considerable amounts of money.

Used Car Tip

Very many people prefer used cars especially if it’s the first time they are buying cars. When you find yourself at a used car lot, it might seem like a very difficult task to choose a car especially if you don’t find the car you were hoping for. Many people don’t believe that they can find a good car in the car lot but this is a myth that you should quickly erase from your mind. Used cars are often as good as advertised but nonetheless you should have a way to determine whether a used car is worth your time.

Maintaining Your Car For The Long Haul


Maintaining Your Car For The Long Haul

Maintaining Your Car For The Long Haul

In these hard economic times many people are deciding to keep their cars a lot longer than any other time in history. Due in large part to the fact that there are a great number of financial issues that can be avoided by sticking with an existing car in the family, maintenance becomes something that is of importance. If you aren’t a professional at maintaining your vehicle in tip top shape, don’t worry, there are simple things that you can do to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your vehicle today.