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Car Fuel Alternatives for the Future

Alternative sources of fuel for automobiles have got to be found, because petroleum resources are disappearing. The automotive industry is working to find new and innovative ways to power their vehicles. Gasoline, while it lasts, will continue to be used, probably more and more often in hybrid technologies rather than alone.

Alternative Car Fuels

Alternative Car Fuels


The automotive industry has taken very seriously the need to develop alternative fuel sources beyond gasoline. This is in response to changing customer expectations as well as the undeniable fact that the world’s oil isn’t going to last forever.

At the same time, the gasoline engine isn’t facing obsolescence. As long as it’s feasible, gasoline will continue to be used, if not alone, in hybrid technologies. Diesel and biofuel will also continue to be used in diesel and converted engines.

Alternative Fuels for Cars

As the finite nature of the world’s oil resources becomes more and more clear, the rush to develop alternative sources of fuel for automobiles has reached a new level. At the same time, it is unlikely that gas-based vehicles will disappear entirely until the last drop of petroleum has been squeezed from the earth.
Biodiesel, which is non-petroleum based, as opposed to traditional diesel which is refined from petroleum, is experiencing a surge in popularity. It is typically made from vegetable oil or animal fat. Diesel and biodiesel burn more cleanly and efficiently than gasoline, but produce higher nitrogen oxide emissions.
Hybrid vehicles, which use a combination of gas and electricity, have become the most popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers. The most common hybrid vehicle is the Toyota Prius, representing about 75 percent of the hybrids in the United States. Plug-in hybrids can be recharged using an external electrical source, as opposed to standard hybrids which use the gasoline engine to power recharging.

The Future is Here

Emerging Technologies that help you Drive Safely, more Efficiently and with lots of Independence.

Today’s cutting edge engineers are giving us a glimpse into what the automotive future is going to look like.  With great imagination, implementation of their ideas and great car companies behind them, the future is beginning to look more and more like a science fiction movie.