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CASH FOR MY JUNK CAR - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips



You’ve seen the signs all over:  We Buy Junk Cars!  Cash Cash Cash!  The implication is that there is big money in handing over your old cars to junk dealers.  Well, there can be some money, but it’s not big, and you have to be careful with the junk car guy you’re dealing with.  Some of them are on the up-and-up and some are just out to get the metal from your junk car in any way they can.


If you can, talk to someone about which junk car dealer has the best reputation.  Asking your mechanic is a good idea; the mechanics know who pays top dollar and which service their garage has used before.  Every garage has a junk car dealer around somewhere and the guys at the garage don’t keep a tow guy around unless he actually does the job he’s being paid to do. 


On the day the junk car guy arrives to pick up your car, you will need to have your title ready to hand over to him, free and clear.  It’s a good idea to double check your old car and make sure you haven’t left anything in it that you’ll remember was inside minutes after your junk car has been smashed into a cube.  Don’t leave your old Ray-Bans inside, is all I’m saying.


If I had a choice I would probably at least take the battery out of my junk car and sell that for the metal.  Old car batteries are going for pretty good money these days.


I’ve had friends who work on cars come and strip down what bits and pieces of my old car that they could use, be it nearly new hoses or engine parts or a spare tire or two.  As long as the car can still roll on its’ two back wheels, the junk car dealer will be able to haul it off for you.


Don’t be afraid to ask around and find a dealer you don’t mind doing business with, and don’t be scared into letting the junk car guy con you into letting him have your old car for nothing.  If he backs down and refuses to give you the amount you had agreed on with him, thank him politely for his time and call another dealer.  At this point your dealer of choice will probably suddenly remember that he does have the cash for your car with him after all, and all will be right with the world.  It doesn’t hurt you to stand your ground.  It’s all part of the price of doing business.  A junk car dealer is a businessman like any other, and if he can get a junk car for nothing, that’s just more cash in his pocket.  Don’t let him get away with that.


The bottom line is, there are a lot of junk car dealers out there.  It’s okay to take your time, call around and find someone who will tow away your junk car and pay you some cash for it.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone; you have a little cash, your eyesore of a car is gone, and the junk car dealer has another car to scuttle.