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December 2013 - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Monthly Archives: December 2013



I had bought the Beige Beast from my ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, right before my transition from his current to his ex.  It was complicated.  She had just bought a racing green Volvo and her taupe Dodge Dart was sitting idle and so I bought it, in a fit of beggars-can’t-be-choosers.  I would’ve hated the Beige Beast if it had been a Ferrari, but it wasn’t; it was just a boring tan Dart that had seen better days.  So had I, and the two of us drove off into infamy.

DIY Maintenance Tricks

Driving is something that all car owners have to do regardless of whether they do it to get to the grocery store or just for kicks. Some of the preparations you make in order to get into a new season with your best foot forward require a mechanic. You will be surprised to know just how many things you can change in your car with a proper DIY kit and sometimes with nothing at all. We shall look at some easy maintenance moves that anybody can do without having to go to a mechanic.

DIY Tricks for Cleaning Your Car


Cleaning a car might seem like the easiest task in the world. However, you may be surprised to know that the cleaning process never stops for people who really value their cars. When you detail your own car, you might save a lot of money by avoiding visits to a professional detailing shop. Armed with the right tools, you can be able to keep your car shining brighter than any other in the neighborhood.

Washing is just the first step towards making your car cleaner and more attractive. When washing a car, you should have a bucket of clean water and another one with diluted car washing liquid. You should wash the car one section at a time and rinse it before moving to another section. Every time you scrub away dirt with a rag, make sure that you rinse it in fresh water before reloading it with soapy water. This will remove road grit from the rag and prevent you from scratching the paint. Use as many buckets of clean water as you can.

DIY Repairs

Mechanics now-a-days charge prices that fall just a little short of extortion and it is about time you armed yourself with some knowledge of how to do the simpler things by yourself. Some repairs will inevitably send you to a mechanic but there are many repairs that you can manage with a little guidance and much less money than a mechanic will demand.

DIY Car Mods

There are simply too many car modifications for a person to choose from so the best bet is to start with the most common ones and move to less common ones until the point where modifying the car makes no sense. Among the commonly modified parts of cars include: wheels and tires, suspensions, car stereos, tail lights, headlights, interior paint, grilles, and exhausts and many others. We shall cover brake caliper painting, HID conversion, and strut tower brace installation.

Jump Start

Diy Car Projects

Diy Car Projects

Due to the tough economic times or simple curiosity, some people are getting bolder with the projects that they no longer want to leave to the professionals. Many people undertake DIY car projects to increase their car’s lives or to improve their functionality. There are several projects that can be handled by people who are not skilled in the fields of engineering. Below are some of DIY projects that you can manage alone.