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October 2013 - Helpful Car Maintenance Tips

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Car Tips and Tricks

Modern cars require very little maintenance compared to cars from one or two generations ago. This has made some people to relax and neglect their cars to varying extents. Even though modern cars can last longer before forcing you to take them for servicing, they need to be taken for scheduled maintenance to extend their useful lives. Most car manufacturers take the liberty to create maintenance schedules for their cars and they are often found in the owner’s manual. These are the best schedules to follow because they are made with that particular vehicle in mind.

Car Trade In Tips

Car Trade In Tips

It is not always easy to sell an old vehicle before you buy a new one. This often leads people to consider the idea of trading in the old car when buying a new one. Although this situation sounds like a win-win, it is often challenging. This is because you will find yourself trying to convince a person who sells cars for a living to take your old car. The following tips might give you an edge in the grueling negotiation.

Car Repair Tips

Cars are very useful in our day to day lives and we should be aware of several basic repair tips especially if we have cars of our own. Cars eventually break down or start acting up and it is important for owners to know what to do about it before rushing them to a mechanic. When cars break down, many people panic and rush them to mechanics without thinking about whether the problem can be fixed without the intervention of a mechanic. This could save them considerable amounts of money.

Used Car Tip

Very many people prefer used cars especially if it’s the first time they are buying cars. When you find yourself at a used car lot, it might seem like a very difficult task to choose a car especially if you don’t find the car you were hoping for. Many people don’t believe that they can find a good car in the car lot but this is a myth that you should quickly erase from your mind. Used cars are often as good as advertised but nonetheless you should have a way to determine whether a used car is worth your time.

Car Detailing Tips

It is important for you to detail your car even if there is no special event coming up. The experience can be rewarding and it might also save you a lot of money if you do it yourself. Detailing is a process that involves many areas of the car so we shall break it down into a step-by-step process. You should begin the procedure on the inside.

The first step of detailing a car is to clean it thoroughly. Start by vacuuming the carpets and floor mats to pick up any debris. After vacuuming, remove them from the car and clean any stains with a mild soap solution. For persistent stains, you should use commercial stain removers and you may scrub the stains with a brush if they still won’t come out. You should clean the upholstery in the same way but make sure that any cleaning solution used is appropriate for the upholstery

Tips on Changing Your Brakes

Before you head to the repair shop to change your brakes, you should know how to identify the signs that your brakes need to be changed. There are several signs that might indicate that the brakes need changing. For instance, the brake pedal might start pulsating when you step on it. This indicates that the brake pads are worn down and have warped as a result of heat. Re-machining the pads might fix this but they often need to be changed.